Raspberry Pi Roundup - 16th Jan 2015

The Big News

On 28th February & 1st March, there will be a massive 3rd Birthday event taking place at the Cambridge Computer Laboratory. There will be captivating talks, animated hands-on workshops, informative show and tell sessions and chatty panel discussions. There will be a marketplace to buy the latest Raspberry Pi add-ons and other cool stuff. There will be competitions, prizes and goodies galore and a chance to chat with the Raspberry Pi team over a nice cup of tea. There will also be a birthday party on the Saturday night featuring food, drink and music! Read more about the event over at the Raspberry Pi Foundation and register for tickets (which are extremely good value-for-money) here.


Clayton Lambert has written a nice Python script which takes a picture with the camera module and scans it for changed pixels, indicating motion. It uses the picamera library and I think it’s particularly good because you can see how it looks at each pixel of the image and counts the changes. He explains it in the video above and the code is available here.


Chris Robinson has taken a Pi, a PiTFT screen, some hard drive enclosures and some other small components and created an ultra-portable handheld Linux terminal. It’s very nifty and it’s been a while since I’ve seen something so small and, well, perfect. You can read about how he did it here.

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