Raspberry Pi Roundup - 6th Jan 2015


Stiggy has taken a plastic lunchbox, some arcade controls and created an arcade machine! The arcade controls are linked to the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO and he’s used MAME for software. Read how he adapted the controls here and how he built the lunchbox here.

Word Clock

Carl Monk has taken a model A+ and a Unicorn HAT add-on board and created a clock which tells the time in plain English. It does this by lighting up the Neopixels on the HAT in a specific pattern to illuminate the words, which have simply been printed onto a piece of paper. Very nice use of the Unicorn and well worth taking a look at. Read how he did it here.


Following on from a previous post in which he showed how the Pi can be used to emulate a mainframe, Andrew Back has now moved on to describing how to turn a couple of Pis into a VAX cluster. He uses a piece of software called SimH to emulate the VAX hardware. Read more detail, including how to do it yourself, here.

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