:VIEW text32 LCD Screen for the BBC micro:bit [discontinued]

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This is the Kitronik :VIEW Text32 character LCD...for those times when the LED Matrix isn't delivering adequate visual feedback from your micro:bit project!

The :VIEW Text32 is a character LCD showing 32 characters (2 lines of 16 characters). The :VIEW Text32 also breaks out the BBC micro:bit pins to edge pads (excluding pin 14).

The bottom edge of the board has a replication of the BBC micro:bit's own edge connector, this allows you to plug the :VIEW Text32 into any board that the micro:bit itself can be slotted into. This is great news if your project outputs strings of text and numbers that previously would have slowly scrolled across the LED Matrix.

The board has been designed so that the BBC micro:bit can be slotted into the edge connector on the top side of the PCB. No extra tools are required for installation, the board is supplied and ready to go - plug and play/work!

On the back of the :VIEW Text32 is a 3 x AAA battery holder to provide power to the :VIEW Text32, the attached micro:bit, and the replicated edge connector. There is a power switch for turning the battery supply on and off. The replicated edge connector can supply 90mA (as per the normal micro:bit).

Kitronik has produced a set of custom blocks for the Microsoft MakeCode editor. To add them click on the cog icon in the top right of the editor, then; select Extensions from the drop-down menu, type and enter Kitronik into the search bar and select the :VIEW Text32 tile from the list. The custom blocks will now be added to the editor and can be used in your code.

Compatible with both the V1 and V2 micro:bit.

micro:bit and base plate pictured but not included!


  • The :VIEW Text32 is a character LCD showing 32 characters (2 lines of 16 characters)
  • A BBC micro:bit can be slotted into the edge connector on the top side of the PCB
  • Replicated micro:bit edge connector allowing it to be plugged into any board that a micro:bit can be slotted into
  • Onboard battery holder powers the display, the micro:bit and the replicated edge connector
  • The :VIEW Text32 can be coded with the Makecode editor or with MicroPython
  • Custom code blocks for the MakeCode editor to make using the :VIEW Text32 as simple as possible


  • 1 x :VIEW Text32 for BBC micro:bit




  • Length: 84mm
  • Height: 63mm
  • Thickness: 28.6

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