USB Port Blocker (inc. 4 port blocks)

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The USB Port Blocker allows you to deny access to USB sockets on your Raspberry Pi or any other device with USB ports (PCs, laptop, Smart TVs, office equipment).

This is useful to stop any unwanted naughty business with your Raspberry Pi - blocking flash drives and external hard drives being connected, as well as stopping the delivery of viruses, keyloggers and other malicious programs. It will also stop people connecting and charging mobile devices.

How to use

  1. Insert a Port Block into a USB port with the key
  2. Squeeze the side buttons and pull out

To remove the port block, insert the key into the port block and pull out without squeezing the side buttons. Once the port block is in place it will be very difficult to remove without damaging the USB port unless you have the key.


  • 1x USB Port Blocker Key
  • 4x USB Port Blocks (3 stored inside the locker, 1 pre-attached)

Note: Spare/Additional Port Blocks are available separately here.

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