TinyShield OLED TinyScreen - Alternate Address [Discontinued]

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TinyScreen is a beautiful color OLED display for your TinyDuino system. Create video games, a video player, or your own smart watch using this Tiny OLED screen! The screen is 0.96" diagonal with a resolution of 96x64 RGB pixels, each with 16-bit color. Since this is an OLED, there is no backlight needed and the screen is very bright with excellent colors. Four buttons are located along the side of the screen to allow for user input - like for playing games or creating menus for your projects (like is done on the TinyScreen Smartwatch project). The screen has a built in IO expander over I2C for control signals and button control, which eliminates using extra pins on the TinyDuino for this.

The screen uses an SSD1331 driver for the OLED display, and we have a highly optimized and easy to use library for this which supports both the OLED screen and the buttons on the board, even allowing for 20FPS+ video playback from a microSD with the TinyDuino. It's also very easy to create your own projects to display text and graphics, or create your own tiny games.

The TinyScreen is also available with an alternative device address, which allows two TinyScreens to be used on the same TinyDuino stack when used with a Ribbon Cable Extender

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