SparkFun MicroMod Single Pair Ethernet Function Board - ADIN1110

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The SparkFun MicroMod Single Pair Ethernet Function Board introduces 10BASE-T1L Two-Wire Ethernet protocol into the SparkFun MicroMod ecosystem. Using the ADIN1110 Ethernet transceiver from Analog Devices Inc., this Function Board provides a development tool for long-range, 10Mb/s single-pair 10BASE-T1L Ethernet applications.

The ADIN1110 is an ultra-low power, single-port Two-Wire Ethernet transceiver. It features an integrated media access control (MAC) interface to allow for direct connections with a host controller via a serial peripheral interface (SPI) at 10 Mbp/s full duplex. To top it off, the specified cable reach for edge nodes is up to 1700 meters.

10BASE-T1L Ethernet uses a single twisted pair for data and power (keep in mind that this Function Board is not designed to provide power over the cable) intended for long distance connections with reduced cable weight and increased connector integrity for edge node devices for applications such as industrial installations and field instruments. 10BASE-T1L Ethernet is compatible with the 802.3cg IEEE® standard, supports high bandwidth up to 10Mb/s and can send and receive data on Ethernet connections over 1 kilometer long.

Note: A MicroMod Processor, Main Board, and Ethernet accessories are not included with this MicroMod Ethernet Function Board. These parts will need to be purchased separately.

Get started with the MicroMod Single Pair Ethernet Function Board


  • 10BASE-T1L IEEE Standard 802.3cg-2019 Compliant Transceiver
    • Single-Pair Ethernet transmission at speeds up to 10Mbps
    • 1km transmission distance (1.7km max cable reach)
  • Supply Voltage of 1.8V or 3.3V
    • Function Board runs the ADIN1110 at 3.3V
  • 2.4V transmission amplitude
  • Integrated MAC connects via SPI
    • Supports 16 MAC addresses
  • Supports both Generic and OPEN Alliance SPI protocols


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