Solar Power Management Module for 6V-24V Solar Panel

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This solar power management module is designed for 6V-24V solar panels.

It can charge a 3.7V rechargeable 14500 Lithium-ion battery (battery not included) or other 3.7V Li-Ion batteries via the PH2.0 connector via a solar panel. The USB connection and pin headers provide a regulated 5V 1A output.

The module features MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) function and multi-protection circuits, making it able to keep working with high efficiency and stability.

The module is suited for solar-powered, low-power IoT and other environmental protection projects.

Please read the Product Wiki before using.


  • Supports MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) function, maximizing the efficiency of the solar panel
  • Supports solar panel / USB connection battery charging
  • For 6V-24V solar panels, DC-002 jack input or screw terminal input
  • Onboard MPPT SET switch, select the level closed to input level to improve charging efficiency
  • Two 5V output interfaces: pin headers and USB port
  • An onboard high capacity aluminium electrolytic capacitor and SMD ceramic capacitor, reducing ripple for stable performance
  • 14500 battery holder and PH2.0 battery connector, for connecting different kinds of 3.7V rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Several LED indicators, for monitoring the status of solar panel and battery
  • Multiple protection circuits: over-charge / over-discharge / reverse-protection / over-heat / over-current


  • Solar panel input voltage (SOLAR IN): 6V-24V
  • Micro USB input voltage (USB IN): 5V
  • Pin header / USB output (USB OUT): 5V 1A
  • Charging cutoff voltage: 4.2V±1%
  • Over discharging protection voltage: 2.9V±1%
  • Solar panel charge efficiency:: ~78%
  • USB charge efficiency:: ~82%
  • 3.7V battery boost output efficiency: ~86%
  • Max quiescent current: <2mA
  • Operating temperature: -40℃~85℃
  • Dimension: 65.2mm × 56.2mm × 22.9mm

What's on the board?

Solar Power manager Features

1) Solar panel charging input: charged by solar panel, DC-002 jack or screw terminal
2) USB charging input: charged by USB connection, connect a 5V power adapter through the Micro USB port
3) 5V/1A power output: provides regulated 5V/1A output, USB port or 2.54mm pin header
4) Battery interfaces: for connecting 3.7V rechargeable lithium-ion, PH2.0 connector or 14500 battery holder
5) CS8501: USB power management chip, for USB charging and 5V/1A boost output
6) CN3791: solar power management chip, for solar panel charging and buck input
7) Lithium-ion battery protection chip: over charge / over-discharge protection
8) Battery switch
9) MPPTSET switch (bottom side)
- Supported level: 6V/9V/12V/18V/24V
- Select the level closest to the input level to improve charging efficiency
10) BOOT key
11) Battery capacity indicators
12) USB charging indicators:
 - USB Charge: on when USB charging
 - USB Done: on when the battery is full charged by USB
13) Solar panel charging indicators:
 - Solar Charge: on when solar panel charging
 - Solar Done: on when the battery is full charged by the solar panel
 - Solar Warning: on when solar panel has a reversed connection
14) Battery warning: on when the battery has a reverse connection
15) Power output indicator: 5V/1A output

Package Contents

  • 1x Solar Power Manager Module

Batteries/adapters not included


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