RangePi - 868MHz LoRa RP2040 USB Stick

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The RangePi is an open-source USB dongle that enables you to work with the LoRa network (868MHz) from any computer or device. It is built on the Semtech SX1262, which allows your projects to communicate up to a 5km range with auto-repeat.

It is also compatible with Linux, and boards such as the Raspberry Pi and the BeagleBone. You don't have to utilize your Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins as it connects via USB. IoT integrators can use the device to test and set up networks without having to carry around a development board, cable, adapters, and other components. LoRa is already in use in a variety of industries, including vineyards for weather monitoring, trains for detecting frozen railway switches, and pest management for linked mousetraps.

The Range-Pi is a low-cost portable “Plug and Play LoRaTM Dongle” based on the Raspberry Pi RP2040 and LoRaTM Modules, which comes with an onboard 1.14" LCD that covers the 868MHz frequency band to enable data transmission up to 5km.

Note: Raspberry Pi NOT included


  • Two push buttons
    • Button A (Connect to GP13)
    • Button B (Connect to GP14)
  • Two GP Pins (for input/output devices )
    • GP4
    • GP5
  • UART interface direct to LORA Module



LCD 1.14" LCD
Onboard RP2040 MCU
Frequency 868MHz
Power 22dBm
Distance Up to 5km
Interface UART Communication
LoRa Module E22-400T22S / E22-900
Communication USB LoRa & USB RP2040
Serial Port Module E22-900T22S1B/E22-900T22S1B
Voltage Level Translator 74HC125V

Package Contents

  • 1x RangePi - LoRa and RP2040 USB Stick (868MHz)
  • 1x Antenna

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