Power Button Case for Raspberry Pi 4 and Official 7" Touchscreen Display

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The PiPad Lite enclosure holds your Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen display and includes a convenient rear LED-lit ON/OFF power button which safely shuts down and turns on your Raspberry Pi 4 - never pull the power cable ever again!

The rear power button is controlled via the included Power HAT board, which (after a simple software install) manages the safe shutdown and startup of your Raspberry Pi and includes a 30mm cooling fan with fan power pins. When the power is off, the power button LED turns green. Once shut down, the LED turns red. Handy!

All ports are accessible on your Raspberry Pi 4 apart from the GPIO pins (the GPIO pins are consumed by the Power HAT). Cooling is managed via the included Power HAT fan and ventilation holes on the case. Soft feet ensure the enclosure sits steadily on your desk.

The enclosure mounts your Touchscreen display at a slight angle for comfortable viewing. The display is mounted upside down in this enclosure, so you'll need to invert your display and touch output which is just a matter of a few clicks on Raspberry Pi OS.


  • Only compatible with the Official Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display and Raspberry Pi 4. This enclosure will not work with other displays.
  • No access to GPIO pins whilst using this enclosure
  • Read the assembly instruction very carefully, taking care to follow each step exactly
  • When fitting, prioritise the fitment of the rear USB-C connector and everything else will fall into place nicely
  • Simple software installation required
  • You will need the jumper wires from your touchscreen display to use the Power HAT (or any other jumper wires will work fine, but none are included with this enclosure)
  • Only the GND and 5V jumper wires need to be connected. SCL and SDA are no longer used.


  • Enclosure for the Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4
  • Rear ON/OFF power button
  • Power HAT and 30mm cooling fan included
  • Power Button LED
  • Angled display for comfortable viewing
  • All ports accessible (No GPIO access)
  • Soft feet

Package Contents

  • Display case enclosure
  • Power HAT board
  • 30mm cooling fan

Raspberry Pi and Touchscreen display not included


  • Assembly Instructions
    • Please ensure the FAN sticker is facing up and dress the wires as shown above. If the fan starts to rattle then the wires should be adjusted. Ensure the fan is secure in the bracket
    • When fitting, prioritise the fitment of the rear USB-C connector and everything else will fall into place nicely
  • How to rotate the Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Display

Connecting the HAT to the display

Software Installation (Raspberry Pi OS)

Open a new terminal window on your Raspberry Pi and type:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

Then add the 2 lines of code at the bottom of the file on new lines:


Save the file (Ctrl + X and select Y to save). These settings allow a shutdown to be invoked by pulling a GPIO pin LOW (BCM17). Once shutdown has completed, a GPIO pin is set Low (BCM18).

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