Pomona 5014 14-pin DIP Clip

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Pomona DIP Clip® test clips are designed for testing dual-in-line IC packages on PC boards. These devices incorporate many built-in features that assure a positive electrical connection as well as hands-free testing.

This clip is a 14-pin DIP clip - the Pomona 5014.

Pomona's DIP Clip® test clips are perfect for emulation, field service, failure analysis, and for use with logic analyzers.

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• Contacts (.040" wide on lower end) are serrated for the best electrical contact
• .025" X .028" serrated test points on upper end will accept wire wraps or mini test clips
• Molded barriers between contacts allows live board connections without accidental shorting of contacts
• Can also be used as an insertion tool for DIPs
• Contacts are spring tempered Nickel Silver or Gold Plated Beryllium Copper alloy. Oxide penetrating clips have a roughened stainless steel surface treatment
• Open back option allows probing on the chip leads while clip is attached

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