Pogo Pin Probe Clip - 6 Pins with 2.54mm/0.1" Pitch

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The Pogo Pin Probe Clip with 6 pins in a 2.54 / 0.1" pitch spacing is a great way to test and connect with pin-point accuracy without soldering! It's sort of like an alligator clip with an array of built-in springy pogo pins - so you can connect to a PCB with classic 0.1" spaced pad holes, without soldering or a special adapter cable.

The clip is constructed from PCB sections, with a sandwich to support the thin pogo pins. The pogos are then extended up into a 1x6 0.1" header for everyday socket header cables to plug into. You can use these cables to extend out to your programmer or adapter.


  • Max depth between pogo pins and edge of PCB: 25mm

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