Nwazet Pi Power Supply (5V & 3.3V Line Regulator) [Discontinued]

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The Pi Power is designed to provide the Raspberry Pi (or any other 5V device) with a clean and stable 5V 800mA power source from any 9V - 12V wall charger, whilst breaking out an additional 5V and 3.3V line for hacking!

Note: 800mA is enough for the original Raspberry Pi 1 and potentially the Raspberry Pi Zero 1/3/W/WH, however the Raspberry Pi 2/3/3B/4/Zero 2 isn't likely to work with this as they require more current. It's great for your other 5V development boards too though!

The Pi Power features 3 x MC33269 series voltage regulators, which are low dropout, medium current, positive voltage regulators specifically designed for use in low input voltage applications.

You can supply the board via any centre-positive 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC barrel jack charger that's between 9V and 12V (2A - 5A). The board will then output a regulated 5V @ 800mA output via the onboard USB port which can be used to supply your Raspberry Pi 1 with a clean and stable voltage.

Pi Power also features additional voltage regulators, respectively outputting 800mA at 3.3v and 5V on power rails, which are conveniently accessible through a vertical JST connector, as well as a standard 0.1" pin header. These are designed to offer a stable external voltage to breadboards or sensors from a single DC power source. The centre position on the power connectors (JST and pin header) is reserved for ground and it is common with the Raspberry Pi's ground.

Please note: Voltage regulators dissipate extra energy as heat, so although the regulators are rated at 9V - 20V, we recommend you don't use a power supply over 12V to prevent the board overheating unless you have heatsinking! We recommend a minimum output current from your power supply of 2A, although the board is rated up to 5A.


  • Requires a 9V power adapter or 12V power adapter (not included)
  • 1 x DC power connector, 5A input current rated, 2.1 x 5.5mm, center-positive barrel
  • 2 x MC33269 voltage regulators supplying 800mA @ 5v
  • 1 x MC33269 voltage regulator supplying 800mA @ 3.3v
  • 1 x JST PH connectors, top entry, 3 circuits (5v, GND, 3.3v)
  • 1 x 0.1" pin header connector, 3 circuits (5v, GND, 3.3v) - Included
  • 1 x JST PH male to flying lead cable - Included
  • 1 x Power LED

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