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What is this adorable little data dumpling? The millennial answer to Tamagotchi? Nay, it is the Chibi Scope, the perfect companion to your Chibi Chip or, heck, any project where you want a portable way to view waveforms or ASCII text.

The 'scope is a small, 1.3" diagonal OLED screen that doubles as an oscilloscope to help you understand the inner going-ons of your Chibi Chip. A veritable triple-threat, it packs three functions — text, volts and wave — into one package. The Chibi Scope connects to your circuit with the included alligator clips; wire up +5V, GND, and TXT, and you’re all set. The first two pads are for power, the third pad is the analog/text input. Please note the analog/text input is 3.3V signal/logic max.

    This little scope connects to your Chibi Chip's "TXT" output. Want to debug, display sensor values, or code text-based events? Use the default “text” mode! Want to check how full your battery is? Chibi Scope also goes into “volts” mode, showing the current input voltage like a multimeter. And it's got one more party trick: press the button again, and the Chibi Scope transitions into “wave” mode, displaying the shape of the voltage on its input pin over time, similar to an oscilloscope.

    Keep in mind the Chibi Scope is sold separately from the Chibi Chip and Chibi Clip (but we stock 'em in the shop so just pick up both!)

    The Chibi Scope can display any serial text at 9600 baud (9600-N-8-1 for the technically inclined), so it also works with a wide range of other development boards, including Raspberry Pis and Arduinos.

    This kit contains:

    Technical Details

    Chibitronics is collaboration between bunnie Huang and Jie Qi . Jie is a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab and her research is all about combining arts and crafts with electronics and programming. bunnie is the Director of Studio Kosagi and a hacker who designs and manufactures hardware.

    Check out Chibitronics' code examples at, under Examples/3.Chibiscope, for ideas on how to print text to the Chibi Scope.

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