KitiBot Tracked Robot Kit for BBC micro:bit

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BBC micro:bitmicro:bit V2.2
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The KitiBot is a fun full-metal tracked robot kit for the BBC micro:bit (not included). Using the micro:bit as the brains of the robot along with the chassis, controller board (with LEDs and Buzzer!), tracks, sensors and accessories provided in this kit, you can create an awesome micro:bit robot!

Learn how to code with the micro:bit whilst building a cool project! The KitiBot is coded using the graphical Microsoft MakeCode editor which is a block-based coding environment, making it easy to teach the concepts of programming without having to worry about heavy coding!

The KitiBot can be controlled via code, a smartphone app via Bluetooth or via a 2.4G wireless gamepad (not included). Using the included parts, users can make their KitiBot follow lines, detect and avoid objects, follow commands, run via remote control and even patrol with set directions! Check out the Kitty head with ultrasonic sensor - it's connected to a servo to move the head to inspect an area!

The KitiBot has power protection built in to keep users safe. The controller board uses a power management chip for both battery charging and boosting. There's also battery protection onboard, securing against reverse polarity, over-charging, discharging, over-current and short-circuits.

Note: This kit requires a micro:bit and a rechargeable 18650 Lithium battery which are not included.


  • Designed for BBC micro:bit V1 or V2
  • Full robot kit - just add a micro:bit and a 18650 battery
    • micro:bit not included
    • Lithium 18650 battery not included
  • Includes chassis, motors, tracks, sensors, controller board, servos, fixings and cables
  • Full metal body
  • Fun and engaging way to learn how to code
  • Online development resources
  • Controller Board
    • Onboard connector for plugging in micro:bit
    • Integrates MP2636 Li-ion battery charger with system boost, allows charge the battery even when using
    • Integrates DW01+8205S Li-ion battery protection circuitry: reverse protection, over charge/discharge protection, over
      current protection, and short circuit protection
    • Integrates TB6612FNG dual H bridge motor driver, high efficiency, low heating
    • Integrates PCA9685 PWM controller, micro:bit IO expansion
    • Integrates TLC1543 AD acquisition chip, allows connect multi analog sensors to the micro:bit
    • Integrates 4x APA102 colorful LEDs, dual-line control, no more conflict between the WS2812B RGB LED and Bluetooth
    • Onboard buzzer to play music


Package Contents

See the contents image to view these parts:

  • 1x Metal box
  • 8x Gears
  • 2x Caterpillar track
  • 1x KitiBot for micro:bit expansion board
  • 1x Line tracking sensor
  • 1x Ultrasonic sensor
  • 1x KitiBot acrylic head
  • 1x Servo
  • 1x Servo mounting board
  • 1x Ultrasonic adapter
  • 2x 370 coding motors
  • 1x PH2.0 20cm 4-pin same side contact cable
  • 1x PH2.0 20cm 7-pin same side contact cable
  • 1x USB type A plug to micro B plug cable
  • 1x KitiBot for micro:bit T-screws
  • 2x Screwdrivers

micro:bit and 18650 battery not included

What's Onboard (Controller Board)

KitiBot Controller Features

1) micro:bit connector
2) MP2636 – power management, for both charging and boost discharging the battery
3) 8205S – dual N-Ch MOSFET, for circuit protection
4) DW01 – Li-ion battery protection charge/discharge protection
5) RT9193-33 – 3.3V voltage regulator, supplies power for micro:bit
6) MLT-8530 – buzzer
7) PCA9685 – PWM controller, micro:bit IO expansion, I2C interface
8) TB6612FNG – dual H bridge motor driver
9) TLC1543 – 10-bit AD acquisition chip, allows connect line tracking analog sensor to the micro:bit
10) APA102 – dual-line control RGB LED
11) 18650 battery holder (battery not included)
12) Power switch
13) Micro USB power interface – for charging the Li-ion battery
14) Indicators
- WARNING: Li-ion battery reverse warning
- CHG: charge mode
- BOOT: boost mode
- PWR: power
15) Module connectors (bottom side) – for connecting servo, ultrasonic module, line tracking module
16) Motor connectors (bottom side)

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