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IV-18 VFD Tube Time Clock (Energy Pillar) - Limited Edition

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Eight digits IV-18 (??-18) VFD tubes display is made in USSR(1980-1990).  Although these vintage tubes are still available, the quantities  is very limited in the market. Young generations may have never seen its limpid cyan fluorescence.

  • Eight digits IV-18 (??-18) VFD tubes display. (1980-1990 made in USSR).
  • Display hour, minute and second (12 or 24 hours format optional).
  • Display year, month and day and Chinese lunar date (YY-MM-DD or MM-DD-YY.DD-MM-YY.YY-DD-MM format optional).
  • Leader zero ON/OFF function.
  • GPS adjust, automatic adjust date and time in real time. GPS status display (GPS is offered as an option).
  • GMT time zone functions, the clock will calculate the local time base on satellite.
  • Temperature display(? or ? temperature unit optional).
  • Two alarm clock(set on or off different alarm respectively).
  • Auto date and temperature circulating display. Also can set interval for circulation.
  • Timer function which can supply longest 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds.
  • Power on/off timer, also can set the on/off time respectively. You can also check time and date easily after auto power off.
  • 8 levels brightness adjustable, or auto brightness in different environment.
  • Button sound on/off.
  • Auto switch upright and upside-down mode, this function can display the right side based on the position that you put the clock in.
  • IR remote controller operation supplied.
  • With extremely accurate RTC module, accuracy
  • Built-in backup lithium battery, keep time more than 3 years without power supply.