Gravity: WiFi Bee-MT7681 I/O Breakout Board

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The WiFi Bee I/O breakout board is a special board designed for the WiFi Bee-MT7681. It has a Micro-USB power port, a UART and three GPIO pins integrated onto the board.

The board uses the DFRobot Gravity interface, meaning you can plug Gravity sensors and modules directly into the board, such as relays, buzzers, buttons, switches and more. DFRobot also offers a variety of control options, including a mobile phone app (Android), web pages, AT commands etc. Users can choose the best control method according to their needs.

In testing, DFRobot found that the I/O breakout board is not only compatible with the WiFi Bee, but also compatible with Bluno Bee and Xbee modules, and support wireless GPIO control. IMAGE


  • Standard Xbee interface, compatible with WiFi Bee-MT7681 and other wireless modules
  • Supports USB independent power supply


  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Interface Type: Gravity XH2.54 Digital Sensor Pin
  • Dimension: 42 * 32 * 12 mm/ 1.65 * 1.26 * 0.47 inches
  • Weight: 8g


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  • 1x WiFiBee-MT7681 IO Breakout Board

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