Gravity: IO Expansion HAT for Raspberry Pi

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This IO Expansion HAT from DFRobot is the perfect prototyping companion for your Raspberry Pi 4. It breaks out all of the IO ports on Raspberry Pi including digital ports, analog ports, PWM, I2C, UART, SPI and IIS - ready for use to use with sensors and other components.

The HAT is also compatible with DFRobot Gravity Series modules, which frees users from complicated connection work and enables them to just concentrate on building their projects.

The Raspberry Pi GPIO pins work with a maximum logic level of 3.3V. Apart from 3.3V modules, the HAT also supports:

  • Sensor and module with 5V power supply and 3.3V level
  • PWM external power supply (6~12V)
  • Controlling multiple servos


  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • PWM Port External Power: 6-12V
  • Sensor Interface External Power: 3.3V
  • BCM pin labels
  • Dimension: 65 x 56 mm
  • Compatible with all 40-pin Raspberry Pi boards


Package Contents

1x Gravity: IO Expansion HAT for Raspberry Pi


PCB Label Description
+ + 3.3V Positive
- - Negative
Binding post connect to external power positive
Binding post connect to external power negative
Digital 0-27 Raspberry Pi GPIO0-GPIO27
PWM 0-3 PWM signal output pin 0-3
Analog 0-3 Analog signal input pin 0-3
IIC C IIC port clock line
D IIC port data line
UART T UART Transmit port
R UART Receive port
5V 5V 5V positive
GND GND Negative
IIS SCK IIS serial clock line
DIN IIS serial data input
LCK IIS L/R channel selection line
BCK IIS system clock line
SPI MISO SPI data output line
SS SPI enable pin
SCLK SPI serial clock line
MOSI SPI data input line

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