Flotilla - Mini Starter Kit [discontinued]

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The perfect little introduction to the world of Flotilla! Start your Flotilla journey here and then build your collection of modules later.

In the Mini Starter Kit, you'll get a Flotilla Dock, Rainbow module, Touch module, and paper-craft pieces to build a super-shiny mood light!


  • Rainbow: makes the perfect little mood light
  • Touch: ideal for reaction time games, or a tiny piano

Also contains

  • The Dock - the heart of the Flotilla system, it has eight ports for Flotilla modules, and connects to your Raspberry Pi with a USB A to micro B Dock cable
  • Paper-craft model kit: paper-craft pieces for the mood light Cookbook recipe
  • Quickstart guide
  • Dock cable and module ropes

Flotilla is a range of smart, friendly, and affordable modules that you connect together to create amazing projects that can sense and react to the world around them.

  • Powered by Raspberry Pi
  • Unique plug-and play hardware project kit
  • Go from absolute beginner to ninja-maker
  • Made, with love, in the UK

We've blended smart widgets, and even smarter software to make Flotilla friendly for everyone, from complete beginners to savvy makers.

Flotilla helps you make reactive and interactive projects - a robot, virtual pet, weather station - anything you can think of!

It's designed to progress with you as your skills develop. You don't need any coding skills or electronics knowledge to get started, you can simply plug and play.

For beginners Flotilla has Cookbook and Rockpool, two web-based apps which you can access from your computer or tablet. They let you experiment, learn, and build without writing a single line of code.

For anyone who's done a little programming before, we also have a complete Python API that lets you talk to all of the Flotilla modules.

Check out our Flotilla getting started guides at https://learn.flotil.la/getting-started/ for guides on installing the Flotilla software and getting started with Rockpool.

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