FGG.0B Quick Connect 4 Pin Panel Mount Socket - 9mm

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If you want the look and feel of aeronautical style quick-release connectors, this FGG.0B 4-pin Socket is an elegant and inexpensive alternative to official LEMO-C connectors. Sure, they're not mil-spec but they do work and look great for DIY projects, keyboard builds, robotics, wearables, and more. The connector snaps together smoothly and can disconnect only when the sleeve is pulled, which can be done one-handed with a little practice.

These connectors are most famous for use by keebfans who make their own bespoke mechanical keyboard USB cables. Why? Why not!

This is the panel mount socket for a two-part set, you will also need the plug part that this connects to, in order to make a full kit. If you want a wire-to-wire set that is chunkier but less expensive, check out the YC-8's

The panel mount side of this connector set is not too hard to use: just strip the cable, tin the connectors and wires, solder the wires to the connector, heat-shrink the solder points, and reassemble the connector.

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