Fermion: BMP390L Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor Breakout

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The BMP390L is an industrial-grade dedicated digital barometric pressure sensor newly developed by Bosch.

It has extremely high-temperature stability, low drift, low power consumption (sleep current is only 54μA, the highest power consumption in measurement mode is 650μA) and low noise impact (less than 0.02Pa).

The maximum deviation of the absolute accuracy of this product is less than 50Pa, and the relative accuracy can reach ±3Pa (equivalent to 25cm), which is 166.7% higher than the previous generation.

In addition, with a 12-month long-term stability deviation of only 16Pa, the new model's long-term stability performance far exceeds that of the previous generation. Accurate, stable, low-power height detection makes this product very suitable for indoor positioning applications that cannot be covered by GPS signals.


  • High precision (absolute deviation <50Pa, relative accuracy <3Pa)
  • High long-term stability (±16Pa/year)
  • Extremely high-temperature stability and low drift characteristics
  • Low power consumption (sleep current: 54uA, working current <6

Connection Diagram (Raspberry Pi)

Sen0423 Connection Diagram


  • Working Voltage: 3.3V
  • Working Current: sleep mode (54uA) / normal mode (357~650uA)
  • Interface Mode: I2C/SPI
  • I2C Address: 0x77 (default address)/0x76 (optional: SDO pin connects to GND)
  • Pressure Sensing Range: 300~1250 hPa
  • Relative Accuracy: ±0.03hPa (equivalent to 25cm) (@700-1100hPa, 25-40°C)
  • Absolute Accuracy: ±0.50hPa
  • Temperature Deviation Coefficient: ±0.6Pa/K (@900hPa, 25-40°C)
  • Long-term Stability: ±0.16hPa/year
  • ODR Accuracy: ±2~±12%
  • Start-up Time: 2ms
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40℃~+85℃ (Full precision measurement can be used under 0℃~+65℃)
  • Module Size: 15*20 (mm) / 0.59*0.79 (inch)

Package Contents

  • 1x Fermion: BMP390L Digital Barometric Pressure Sensor (Breakout)
  • 1x 2.54-7P Black Single-row Pin Header
  • 1x 2.54-4P Black Single-row Pin Header


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