Espressif ESP32 WROVER KIT (V4) [Discontinued]

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The ESP-WROVER-KIT from Espressif supports the most distinguishing features of the ESP32. Whether you need external SRAM for IoT applications, or an LCD+camera interface, it has you covered!

The ESP-WROVER-KIT is a newly-launched development board built around ESP32. This board comes with an ESP32 module already. The version of this kit now comes with the ESP32-WROVER. This module comes with an additional 4 MB SPI PSRAM (Pseudo static RAM)

The ESP-WROVER-KIT features support for an LCD and MicroSD card. The I/O pins have been led out from the ESP32 module for easy extension. The board carries an advanced multi-protocol USB bridge (the FTDI FT2232HL), enabling developers to use JTAG directly to debug the ESP32 through the USB interface. The development board makes secondary development easy and cost-effective.

Key features

  • ESP32 is engineered to be fast, smart and versatile. The ESP-WROVER-KIT complements these characteristics by offering on-board high speed Micro SD card interface, VGA camera interface, as well as 3.2” SPI LCD panel and I/O expansion capabilities.
  • Bogged down by bugs? The ESP32 supports JTAG debugging, while the ESP-WROVER-KIT integrates a USB debugger as well. This makes debugging and tracing complex applications very easy, without the need for any additional hardware.
  • Have you been developing your applications around the ESP-WROOM-32 module? Not only does the ESP-WROVER-KIT support the popular ESP-WROOM-32 module, but it also supports the new ESP32-WROVER module, which is coming soon!

Check out this Getting Started Guide and you'll be on your way with the ESP-WROVER-KIT!

Technical Details

If you're having difficulty uploading to the ESP32 Dev Kit using windows, try adding a ~0.2uF capacitor between the RST and GND pins. More information here!

Revision history:

  • As of October 10, 2017 we are now selling the V3 of this board which somes with the WROVER module, which has 4MB of PSRAM built in.
  • As of December 2, 2019 we are now selling the V4 of the board with the following changes:
    • JP8, JP11, and JP13 have been combined into a single JP2.
    • USB connector has been changed to DIP type and moved to the lower right corner of the board.
    • R61 has been changed to a Zero-ohm resistor.
    • Some components have been replaced with functional equivalents based on test results and sourcing options, e.g., the EN and Boot buttons.
  • As of April 16, 2020, we are now selling ESP-WROVER-KIT-VB which embeds module ESP32-WROVER-B while the previous version used the module ESP32-WROVER-E. In comparison, ESP-WROVER-KIT-VE has better performance with the same price

Product Dimensions: 85.0mm x 80.0mm x 20.0mm / 3.3" x 3.1" x 0.8"

Product Weight: 52.0g / 1.8oz

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