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Breadboard-Plugin Components Pack is a new kit designed for breadboard experiment. It provides many kinds of components, such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistor .etc. The module pins are using gold-plating technology, solid and durable. It could be plugged on the breadboard directly. easy, reliable and reusable.
This innovative approach will solve the following issues caused by using DIP type of components:
  • Hard to read the value (Resistor color codes)
  • Severe deformations of the pin after used, non-reusable, not environment-friendly
  • The pin diameter is too thin or too thick, poor match with the breadboard hole
  • Confused the order of transistor “e”, “b”, “c” pins
  • Usage problem: Most of sensors and actuators require 3 interfaces: Signal/VCC/GND, you have to use the jumper wire for the connection, messy and unreliable.


  • Easy to Recognize : Resistance value, capacitance values, positive/negative polaron and pin functions are marked clearly.
  • Easy to Learn : The circuit symbol is clearly visible, directly match the circuit diagram
  • Easy to Use : Direct-plug pin
  • Easy to Plug/unplug : The 0.64mm diametral pin matches the breadboard hole perfectly
  • High-Reliability : ENIG technology, the circuit connection is reliable and durable
  • Environment-Friendly : Reusable and Environment-friendly


  • Resistor: 220R,1K,4.7K,10K
  • Capacitor: 22pF@50V, 100nF(0.1uF)@50V, 47uF@10V
  • LED: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
  • Diode: If=1A, Vfm=0.7V, Vr=40V
  • Transistor-NPN: Vceo=45V, Ic=500mA, hFE=400
  • Transistor-PNP: Vceo=-45V, Ic=-500mA, hFE=400


Package Contents

  • 4x Resistor 220R 
  • 4x Resistor 1K
  • 4x Resistor 4.7K
  • 4x Resistor 10K
  • 2x Capacitor 22pF
  • 2x Capacitor 100nF
  • 2x Capacitor 47uF
  • 2x LED--R
  • 2x LED--Y
  • 2x LED--B 
  • 2x LED--G
  • 2x Diode
  • 2x NPN transistor
  • 2x PNP transistor
  • 2x Breadboard PluginConnector

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