DisplayPort to HDMI Cable

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If you've got a PC or another device with a DisplayPort output, and you want to plug this into an HDMI monitor - we've got just the cable for you!

This 2-meter cable has a standard full-size HDMI (male) connection at one end and a DisplayPort (male) connection at the other.

This cable can only send a DisplayPort OUTPUT to an HDMI INPUT! It will not work the other way around (you can't plug this into an HDMI device and plug the other end into a DisplayPort monitor - it simply won't work that way)

The moulded connector style may change between batches.

What's DisplayPort?!

DisplayPort is a 20 pin connector similar to HDMI but designed to replace DVI/VGA. The standard was put forward by VESA to define a new royalty-free audio/video connection. Whilst HDMI is king - some devices have DisplayPort connections.


  • Display port v1.1 Compliant
  • Passive cable
  • HDMI V1.3b compliant
  • Enable high quality optional digital audio transmissions
  • Supports a full 1080P resolution
  • 24-bit colour depths

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