DIN Rail RJ-45 To Terminal Block Adapter (Vertical Jack) [discontinued]

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This one going out to all the makers and designers who use DIN railing in their builds. This adapter plate was recommended by a customer, its perfect for simplifying complex wiring. You connect an RJ45 cable (a.k.a Ethernet) to this very PCB which can be DIN rail-mounted. Then, all 8 wires are broken out into terminal blocks, so you can connect and power your sensors, displays, microcontrollers, etc.

No soldering required! Just unscrew the terminal blocks and slide in your stranded or solid-core wire.

Note that these aren't recommended for actual Ethernet traffic, especially long term...given that the twisted pairs are decidedly untwisted when they are on the PCB but for basic power/data distribution, RJ45's are great!

This is the DIN Rail RJ-45 to Terminal Block Adapter that comes with a Vertical (Straight) RJ45 Ethernet jack on one end and terminal blocks on the other. We also have a DIN Rail RJ-45 to Terminal Block Adapter - Right Angle

Technical Details

Product Dimensions: 70.0mm x 45.0mm x 30.5mm / 2.8" x 1.8" x 1.2"

Product Weight: 30.4g / 1.1oz

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