Cool White LED Weatherproof Flexi-Strip 60 LED - 1m

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These 1m LED strips are ultra bright, fun and glowy. There are 60 cool white LEDs per meter, and you can control the entire strip at once with any microcontroller and a power transistor. The way they are wired, you will need a 9-12VDC power supply and connect directly. If you want to dim the strip, use any NPN or N-channel MOSFET (although the big powerful kind is good for a large strip) and PWM the input.

We splurged and got the weatherproof kind with white background colour. There's a 3M adhesive strip on the back which should stick to most smooth surfaces. Great for architectural lighting (under-counter or under-cabinet), decorating your bicycle or car, making lamps, etc. You'll need a lot of power to light these up, we suggest a 12V 5A supply. To connect it to a power supply, pick up a 2.1mm female jack and wire it to the strip with some heat shrink. For portable use, we suggest a 8xAA battery holder

Please Note: these strips are weatherproof so they'll be more rugged than uncoated strips, but they not designed for long-term submersion in water, especially chlorinated water, or exposure to UV (eg sunlight) for extended periods of time. They are for indoor use or light outdoor use without direct sun/water. That means you cannot put them into a pool, lake, aquarium, etc. The silk-screening and LED brightness of the strips may vary slightly from reel to reel. Once the adhesive backing has been removed, the strips are not returnable!

You can cut this stuff pretty easily with wire cutters, there are cut-lines every 5cm (3 LEDs each), and trim off the weatherproof cover with a hobby knife. Solder to the 0.1" copper pads and you're good to go.

We don't have a tutorial specifically for the white LED strips but they're basically identical to the RGB LED strips Adafruit carry, except that instead of 3 different coloured LEDs there is only cool white so we suggest our tutorial on those


  • 1m long
  • 10.5mm (0.41") wide, 3mm (0.12") thick, 50mm (2") long per segment
  • Clear weatherproof moulded IP67
  • 3M adhesive strip on back
  • Maximum 12V @ 60mA draw per strip segment
  • Max 1.2 Amps per meter (all LEDs lit full brightness)
  • 3 cool white LEDs per segment, 20 segments per meter
  • LED colour temp: 10,000K+
  • No microcontroller or chip controller ('analog' only!)


Package Contents

  • 1x 1m Cool White LED Weatherproof Flexi-Strip

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