Programmable Coin Acceptor (HX-616) - 6 Coin

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This HX-616 programmable coin acceptor can be programmed to accept up to 6 different types of coin, either for your own coin tokens or real moolah!

The acceptor is compatible with coins with a 15mm-29mm diameter and 1.8mm-3mm thickness - be sure to measure your coins to ensure they'll fit!

You'll need to program the coins you want it to accept. Coins are assigned a number of pulses, then when a coin is inserted, the output will pulse and the unit will consider diameter, thickness, speed etc to determine if it's a valid coin or whether someone's trying to pull a fast one!

The acceptor comes complete with mounting hardware and a cable for power/signal. An instruction sheet is also included. You'll need a bag of each coin type to 'train' the acceptor (~20).

Once set up, you can connect a 10K resistor from the white wire to your Arduino's VCC line (5V), then insert coins to validate that the coin line pulses high for about 40 milliseconds the right number of times.

Adafruit has a great tutorial on using these kinds of devices to make an Electronic Piggy bank!


  • Recognition Rate: 95%
  • Recognition Speed: 0.6 second
  • Power requirements: 12VDC (+- 20%)
  • Working current: ~50mA
  • Peak current: ~350mA
  • Accepts coins from 15mm to 29mm in diameter and 1.8mm to 3mm thick
  • Programmable for up to six different coins
  • Does not work with coins that have 'holes' in the centre! Also may not work with NZ $1 coins.

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