Ceramic Heatsinks for Raspberry Pi (5-pack)

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This 5-pack of ceramic heatsinks offers something different from the usual aluminium options available for the Raspberry Pi.

These heatsinks are 15mm x 15mm and around 5mm tall, which makes them ideal for those requiring a low-profile, non-conductive solution.

Each heatsink has a pre-applied self-adhesive backing for attaching to your Raspberry Pi CPU (or any other chip/device you're looking to provide a cooling solution for).

We find these perform best when used in conjunction with airflow provided by a fan, unlike aluminium heatsinks which can offer a degree of cooling performance without a fan. They're also cheaper than aluminium alternatives, which is why we offer these in a handy 5-pack for a similar price of a single aluminium option.

The internet is full of debates over aluminium vs ceramic heatsinks, however here at The Pi Hut we like to offer you the full choice of options for your project.

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