CAN Bus Module for Raspberry Pi Pico [Discontinued]

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This CAN Bus module enables long-range CAN Bus communication with your Raspberry Pi Pico via UART.

The board uses an EBYTE E810-TTL-CAN01 CAN-Bus module which features operating and status LED indicators. The board also includes TX/RX indicators, a resistor config selector and power/UART selector pads (solder).

Online development resources are available, which include wiring guidance and example code, with additional information being found on the Waveshare Wiki.

Note: Raspberry Pi Pico not included. You'll need a Pico with male headers soldered to it. You can grab a Pico here and Pico male headers here, or buy a Pico with pre-soldered headers.


  • Designed for Raspberry Pi Pico
  • Incorporates E810-TTL-CAN01 module, UART to CAN bus conversion
  • Three conversion methods:
    • Transparent conversion
    • Transparent conversion with identification
    • Protocol mode conversion
  • Online development resources and manual


  • Operating Voltage: 3.3 V
  • Communication Bus: UART
  • Can Transceiver: E810-TTL-CAN01
  • Baudrate: 300~921600bps
  • Dimensions: 58.00 x 25.00mm

What's On Board

  • 1) E810-TTL-CAN01 module
  • 2) Module operating indicator
  • 3) Module status indicator
    • Operating mode: blinking at 1Hz frequency
    • Command configuration mode: blinking at 5Hz frequency
  • 4) TX/RX indicators
  • 5) Resistor config
    • ON: connected to 120R matching resistor
    • OFF: disconnected from 120R matching resistor (default)
  • 6) CAN bus terminal
  • 7) Power supply selection
  • 8) UART selection

Package Contents

  • 1x CAN Bus Module for Pico

Raspberry Pi Pico not included


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