Black Pudding Keycaps - 24 Piece Keyboard Add-On Kit

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Dress up the mechanical keys in your keyboard or NeoKey project with this add-on 24-pack of Black Pudding Key Caps.

These key caps are designed with a milky translucent dual-layer that lets gorgeous NeoPixels glow through. They come in assorted profiles and lengths, allowing you to populate your keyboard/keypad project like mini theatre stadium seating.

These keycaps are a great way to add labelled and glowy keys to a macropad - however, they are designed for a keyboard with a tilted profile to the keys, so not all keys have the same profile. We found that with a little flexibility, a macropad can be layed out so that the keys have similar profiling along each row, check the isometric photos to see the angles for each 'row'

Add-on Kit includes:

  • 7 x R4 key caps (Pn, Ins, Del, ScrLk, PrtSc, Pause, Home)
  • 1 x R3 key cap (PgUp)
  • 1 x R2 key cap (PgDn)
  • 10 x R1 key caps (End, Up Arrow, Down Arrow, Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Alt, Fn, 0, Windows, Ctrl)
  • 1 x 1U key cap (Shift)
  • 2 x 1.25 1U key cap (Pn and Shift)
  • 1 x 1.75 1U key cap (Shift)
  • 1 x 2U key cap (Shift)

Snap 'em onto any Cherry MX or compatible switch to turn your Feather or breakout into a slick tuxedo-like macro keypad.

Note: This product is just a pack of 24 key caps. Key switches are not included!

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