M5Stack Barometric Pressure Unit (BMP280) [discontinued]

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Barometric Pressure Unit is a barometer unit, which integrates the Bosch BMP280 pressure sensor to measure atmospheric pressure and estimate the altitude. The relative accuracy can reach ± 0.12hpa, equivalent to ± 1m height difference. At the same time, the temperature drift coefficient is very low, which can reach 1.5 PA / K, that is, the temperature drift is 12.6 cm / K. in addition, there is an integrated temperature sensor in the chip.

Product Features

  • Air pressure sensor, with temperature sensor on chip, can be measure simultaneously
  • The accuracy is ± 0.12hpa
  • Temperature drift coefficiency 1.5pa/k
  • Supports periodic measurement
  • Integrated 5-segment filter
  • Support low power consumption
  • Development platform: Arduino, UIFlow (Blockly, Python)
  • 2x LEGO™ compatible holes


  • 1x Barometric Pressure Unit
  • 1x Grove Cable (5cm)


  • height detector
  • Weather station


Resources Parameter
Air pressure measurement range 300 - 1100 hPa(+9000m ~ -500m)
Relative accuracy 0.12hPa
Absolute accuracy 1hPa
Temperature measurement range -40 ~ +85°C
Temperature resolution 0.01°C
Pressure resolution 0.16Pa
Temperature coefficient offset 1.5 Pa/K(12.6 cm/K)
Current consumption 2.7μA @ 1 Hz sampling rate
Voltage 1.71V - 3.6V
Communication protocol I2C:0x76
Net Weight 8g
Gross Weight 21g
Produce Size 24*24*13mm
Package Size 35*36*18mm


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