Auto Fan Control Module + 5V Breakout for Raspberry Pi

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Automatic fan control + 5V breakout for the Raspberry Pi!

Do you want to extend the life of your fan, reduce its noise and control it automatically? This automatic fan control module allows you to determine the exact CPU temperature to automatically turn your fan on! Place the module on your Raspberry Pi's GPIO header (on pins 1-8), connect your fan to the connector on the top, then run the quick setup detailed below - no coding required!

This control module consumes GPIO pins 1-8 (5V, I2C and GPIO14) but also breaks out the 5V line (for using 5V with components, or powering your Raspberry Pi from it). If you require access to the other consumed pins, check out the alternative versions below.

The fan connector accepts a 2.54mm female fan connector (jumper wires) or JST connection.

This module is compatible with the LeapMatic MaticBox case with the Automation cover.

Alternative Versions

This is the auto fan control module with an additional 5V breakout. We also offer other versions of this control module:


Software Options

Option 1 - via Raspberry Pi OS Desktop

From the Raspberry Desktop, select the main Raspberry Pi icon > Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration > Performance tab > Set Fan Enable. Select Fan GPIO 4 and the temperature at which you want the fan to turn on. Save with OK.

When the processor reaches the temperature you set, the fan will turn on. It will turn off when the processor temperature drops 10 degrees below the set temperature. (For example, if you set the 'on' temperature to 75 degrees, the fan will turn off when the processor reaches 65 degrees).

With these few easy steps, you now have automatic fan control!

Option 2 - via Terminal

Open a new terminal window and type the following command, followed by Enter:

sudo raspi-config

This will open a graphical menu where you need to choose Performance Options > Fan. It will then ask you if you want to enable fan temperature control - select “Yes” and then enter '4' for GPIO 4. Then set the desired threshold temperature for the fan to turn on.

GPIO position

Please ensure the module is fitted as per the image below:

Auto fan GPIO position

Note: Raspberry Pi and fan not included!

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