Akasa Pi-4 Pro Fanless Raspberry Pi 4 Case [discontinued]

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Akasa have been in the computer case/cooling game since 2000, and have now used their vast experience to create their own range of fantastic Raspberry Pi cases.

This case is the Pi-4 Pro - a robust Raspberry Pi 4 case made from durable aluminium with a clean black anodized finish. The symmetrical lines and understated styling work perfectly in a media centre environment or minimalist desk setup.

The case material is excellent at removing heat from your Raspberry Pi, assisted by the interior thermal kit (included) which includes screws, 3 thermal pads, 2 aluminium blocks and a thermal compound for easy installation and assembly.

All ports can be accessed, including slots for GPIO and camera ribbon cables to pass through. A purpose-designed Wi-Fi signal window optimises Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signal connection.

Installation manual (included in package) - download here

Case Features

  • Aluminium Heatsink

Durable aluminium metal casing naturally dissipates heat into the surroundings for efficient thermal temperature reduction without noisy cooling fans.

  • Optimal Thermal Performance

Heatsink top cover and customised aluminium thermal kit effectively conduct heat away from the processor, GPU and USB 3.0 chipset, ensuring system runs optimally, even under a heavy workload.

  • Contemporary Design

The symmetric minimalist design brings a stylish yet functional look to your Raspberry Pi that fits into any environment. Sleek black sandblasted anodised aluminium body for durability, thermal efficiency and long-lasting use.

  • Superb Design Engineering

Full I/O opening support including GPIO, microSD, Ethernet, USB, camera and display connectors. Purpose-designed Wi-Fi signal window to optimise Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signal connection. Easy access to external connectors. Dual micro HDMI openings support dual displays. Our compact and robust aluminium case is a perfect solution to cool and protect your Raspberry Pi 4 for optimal performance. Ideal for IoT, smart home, robotics, and digital signage applications.


  • Material: Black sandblasted anodised aluminium
  • Dimensions: 68.5 x 96 x 33.5 mm
  • Product code: A-RA08-M2B
  • SD access: Yes
  • GPIO slot: Yes
  • LED light holes: Yes
  • WiFi Signal Window: Yes
  • HAT compatible: No

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