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Are you confused about your GPS not working well in urban areas? Then you should not miss our new Air530 GPS! It’s a high-performance, multi-mode satellite positioning and navigation module to use with Arduino. It supports GPS / Beidou / Glonass / Galileo / QZSS and SBAS, which makes it suitable for GNSS positioning applications, such as car navigation, smart wear, and drones. This module is capable of receiving more than 6 satellites at the same time, and is able to work with a bad signal.


  • High precision Positioning: Positioning error within 10 meters, and will still be accurate with a bad signal
  • The Integrated Design of RF Baseband: Adopt the integrated design of RF baseband, which integrates DC/DC, LDO, LNA, RF front-end, baseband processing, 32-bit RISC based chip, RAM, FLASH storage, RTC, and power management functions
  • Low Power Consumption: Low power consumption at only 31uA
  • High Compatibility: Compatible hard/soft interface for other modules
  • Product number: Seeed 109020022


Parameters Values
Supply voltage 3.3V/5V
Working current up to 60mA
Interface UART
Time of warm start 4s
Time of cold boot 30s
Working Temperature -35C-85°C
Storage Temperature -55°C-100°C
Humidity 5%-95%
Time of Positioning Pure hardware cold start 27.5s
Pure hardware hot start <1S
Pure hardware recapture <1S
Software-assisted A-GNSS <5S
Sensitivity Cold start -148dBm
Hot Start -162dBm
Recapture -164dBm
Track -166dBm
Accuracy Horizontal positioning accuracy 2.5m
High positioning accuracy 3.5m
Speed accuracy 0.1m/s
Time transfer accuracy 30ns
Consumption Capture current value@3.3V 42.6mA
Tracking current value@3.3V 36.7mA
Low power mode@3.3V 0.85mA
Ultra-low-power mode@3.3V 31uA



Package Contents

  • 1x GPS (Air 530) board
  • 1x Grove cable

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