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Maker Advent Calendar (includes Raspberry Pi Pico H)

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It's finally here! The 12 Projects of Codemas Maker Advent Calendar is the ultimate festive treat for makers of all experience levels, guiding you step-by-step through 12 exciting days of fun projects including new components to play with every day!

The first day of the calendar includes a Raspberry Pi Pico H, Micro-USB cable and breadboard to get you set up (sorry, we had to spoil box #1!), including some introductory code examples, then the following boxes each contain a new project to learn and program with the Pico and popular components (think sensing things, blinky things and more!).

Each day you’ll learn how to make a new Pico project with your box's components via our daily online box guides (published daily from 1st December), with handy wiring diagrams and lots of code examples in MicroPython. Great for learning how to code or building up your selection of components in a fun way!

Easy to follow along

Each box is supplemented with online instructions including:

  • Box contents summary
  • Introduction to the project and box components
  • Circuit wiring steps and diagram
  • Multiple MicroPython code examples including initial starter code
  • Examples of how to use the components from various days together to make fun Pico projects

The Ideal Festive Treat

This is a superb gift option for a wide range of makers from all experience levels.

For new coders - The included Pico H and project parts combined with the easy-to-follow instructions, clear example code and helpful wiring diagrams make this perfect for anyone wanting to get started with the Raspberry Pi Pico, programming and electronics.

For seasoned makers - It’s also great for existing makers as a fun daily activity during the festive season, or for those looking to try their hand at MicroPython.

For your team - We think this will be a great gift for your teams of techies!

Everything you need is included

With the first day’s box giving you a new pre-soldered Raspberry Pi Pico H, Micro-USB cable and breadboard, all you need is a compatible computer (with a full-size USB port) to plug it into - a Windows PC, Mac or Linux machine.

Everything else you will need for each project is included in each day’s box, and the required software (Thonny) is free. No soldering required!

Spoiler Alert!

If you would like to get an idea of what’s inside before you buy, click here to see what’s included (you’re the same ones who search for hidden presents, right?!).


  • When will my calendar be delivered?
    • Each pre-order batch will be delivered as soon as they are available. Here's a guide:
      • Batch 01 (Pre-orders placed w/c 31st October)
        • Shipped 9th November
      • Batch 02 (Pre-orders placed 9th/10th November)
        • Shipped w/c 21st November
      • Batch 03 (Final Batch!(Pre-orders placed 11th-20th November)
        • Shipped w/c 28th November
      • Batch 03 (Final Batch!(Pre-orders placed 21st November onwards)
        • Shipped 2nd December
      • Remaining stock, shipping immediately
    • What age range is this good for?
      • Whilst this can vary wildly as young children develop at different speeds, we think age 7 upwards is a safe starting point. And you’re never too old to learn something new!
    • Will I need anything else?
      • Just a Windows PC, Mac or Linux machine with a USB port (full-size USB-A port). The advent calendar gives you everything else you need each day. Our guides/Thonny will not work with Chromebooks.
    • Do I need to solder anything?
      • Nope! Everything in the calendar is either pre-wired or uses jumper wires, and the Pico H has headers pre-soldered, ready to push into the breadboard.
    • Which Raspberry Pi Pico board is included?
      • A Raspberry Pi Pico H. This version has the headers pre-soldered for you.
    • Does the included Pico have WiFi?
      • No. We include the Pico H which is the non-WiFi version, which helps keep the cost down and is ideal as your first Pico board.
    • What is included each day?
    • What if I get stuck?
      • We've designed this with beginners in mind and tested it on a range of people with different experience levels, however, if you do get stuck and need help, just pop us a message via and we'll get back to you ASAP - usually the same day.
    • Is this just for the festive season?
      • Nope! The projects can be made all year round, and the online instructions for each day will remain online.
    • Do I need to install anything?
      • You'll need to install the Thonny IDE - we guide you through the installation and setup of the Pico on the first day.
    • Which operating system is used in the examples?
      • We're using Windows (11) in the example projects using the Thonny IDE. Thonny is also available for MAC and Linux machines and there should be very little difference from the instructions.
    • Where are the instructions for each day?

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