Gravity: Laser PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor

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This PM2.5 laser dust sensor is a digital universal particle concentration sensor.

It can be used to obtain the number of suspended particulate matter in a unit volume of air within 0.3 to 10 microns, namely the concentration of particulate matter, and output with a digital interface can output quality data per particle.

The sensors can be embedded in a variety of concentrations of environment-related instruments suspended particulate matter in the air, to provide timely and accurate concentration data.

Connection Example - DFRduino UNO R3


  • Voltage: 4.95 ~ 5.05V
  • Maximum electric current: 120mA
  • Measuring pm diameter: 0.3~1.0/1.0~2.5/2.5~10 (um)
  • Measuring pm range: 0~1000 ug/m3
  • Standby Current: ≤200 uA
  • Response time: ≤10 s
  • Operating temperature range: -20 ~ 50C
  • Operating humidity range: 0 ~ 80% RH
  • Maximum size: 46 x 35 x 20mm
  • MTBF: > = 5 years
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  • 1x PM2.5 laser dust sensor
  • 1x PM2.5 sensor adapter
  • 1x Sensor adapter cable
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