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Wireless technologies allow different parts of your project to talk to each other without the constraint of wired connections. They also allow connectivity for IoT projects where communication with the internet is required.

For some projects, a number of wireless technologies can achieve the same result – however, each has its pros and cons which should be considered by the maker when planning a project.

For example, WiFi – the obvious choice for internet connectivity – has a high data rate which is ideal for IoT, however, comes at the cost of high power consumption. XBee in comparison has a significantly lower data rate but uses a fraction of the power that WiFi uses.

You then have newer technologies such as LoRa which uses even lower power than XBee, with much greater ranges possible, but is half-duplex only – meaning it can only send OR receive data at any one time (not both like XBee).

There’s also Bluetooth which is really easy to set up and use as a wireless link between your project and a smartphone.

Whatever wireless technology is right for your project, The Pi Hut stock everything you need to turn your project into a reality.