Adjustable Raspberry Pi Camera Mount Assembly Guide

This guide will show you how to assemble the Adjustable Raspberry Pi Camera Mount & Protector. All you'll need is a simple cross-head screwdriver.

We recommend testing your camera module before fitting, to make sure the flex cable is connected properly.

Step 1 – Snap the 5 panels out of their holders. Don't forget to peel off the protective plastic covering from all pieces.

Step 2 – We'll get the fiddly part out of the way - secure the clear lens protector into place with the M2.5 screws and nuts. These nuts will double up as a spacer for your camera board to sit on.


Step 3 – Place your Raspberry Pi Camera on top and lock into place with another 4 nuts.

Step 4 – Add the final camera protector layer on top and secure into place. Don't worry if you have left-over nuts, we included extras in your pack of parts.

Step 5 – Now for the side panels, screw the 6 M/F and F/F standoffs together to create 3 longer standoffs, and use 3 screws to secure. 

Step 6 – Slot the bottom of the mount into the side panel

Step 7 – Add the remaining side piece. We recommend locking this into place with a single screw at first - you can add the remaining screws once the camera-holder is in place.

Step 8 – Slot the camera holder into place and fit the three remaining side screws

Job done!