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Raspberry Pi Roundup featuring a Harry Potter-inspired who's home clock, a new Digital Making curriculum and the newest Raspberry PiPod Podcast

Education Podcast Raspberry Pi Roundup

Marauders' Clock

Spencer Organ has been putting his making skills to use with this Harry Potter-inspired build. Taking his cue from both the Weasley Clock and the Marauders’ Map, he’s taken a Raspberry Pi, an Explorer HAT, an Arduino, some servos and some relays and put the electronics behind a recreation of the Map. The Pi reads, via wi-fi, the presence of devices with known MAC addresses and then activates the arms of the clock to point to the relevant person/position accordingly. It’s an ingenious build and you can read more about it on Spencer’s blog and see a demo video below:

Digital Making Curriculum

Raspberry Pi have announced their new Digital Making Curriculum. Reported by Director of Education Carrie Anne Philbin, the curriculum aims to help individuals from a wide variety of age groups to further their digital making skills. You can read the full announcement here, take a look at the Curriculum itself here and give feedback here.


Episode 6 of the Raspberry PiPod Podcast features more news from the world of Raspberry Pi, some new/updated products, upcoming events, several Pi projects including a ferris wheel timelapse, some Harry Potter projects and a tea-bag dunker plus several Crowdfunding campaigns. Have a listen here.

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