Raspberry Pi Roundup - a short history of Pi Wars, a Casio TV hack and a Fallout-style terminal

Pi Wars: a short history

Here at The Pi Hut, we like to sponsor community events when we can. Once of these events is Pi Wars, the Raspberry Pi Robotics Challenge Competition. We've sponsored it for all three years of the competition, including this year. One of the organisers of Pi Wars, and writer of this blog (just to make things really confusing) is Michael Horne. He/I've written an account of the history of the competition over at the blog of RS Components' DesignSpark. The next event is on 1st-2nd April this year and we’re very excited about it. You can get hold of spectator tickets here.

Casio TV

David Watts had an old Casio TV 880 unit and he wondered if he could use it as a display for a Raspberry Pi. The Casio has a composite input which can be used, and handily the Pi has a composite output. Fusing the two together with an A+ to start with, David soon realised that a Zero would fit perfectly in a void in the casing. You can see a video of the disassembly and A+ try-out below:


The folks over at Power Up Props have 3D printed and painted this lovely Fallout 4-style terminal and given it a Raspberry Pi heart. It’s more a 3D printing project than a Raspberry Pi project, but it’s always nice to see the Pi in unusual places! Now all they need to do is create the UI shown in Fallout to complete the picture. See more pictures on Imgur.