Raspberry Pi Roundup - a new version of Raspbian, a mini weather station and streaming to YouTube


The folks over at Raspberry Pi have announced the release of a new version of Raspbian, based on the Debian Stretch OS. There are various small software changes as well as the big update to the underlying operating system. You can read more on raspberrypi.org here and download the new image here. Please note: it is possible to upgrade from the previous version (Jessie) but the procedure is not recommended, so you may as well start with the new image!

Mini Weather Station

Ville Salminen has written a nice tutorial over on his blog in which he takes a Raspberry Pi, adds a SenseHAT and then programs it to access the SenseHAT sensors to create a mini-weather station. He uses Flask to create a simple web interface, so there’s plenty to learn here. Read the tutorial here.

YouTube Streaming

Tinkernut has taken a Raspberry Pi, a camera module, added an 2.8″ Adafruit mini-touchscreen and a mini USB microphone and created a YouTube-streaming box. He’s programmed a touchscreen interface to allow him to preview the video and then added another button to send the stream to YouTube. He’s written the whole thing up as a tutorial and covers various tricky things such as getting that touchscreen working with a Jessie-based operating system and setting up FFmpeg. Take a look how he did it here.