Raspberry Pi Roundup - 8th July 2016

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 8th July 2016

Bit of a "bumper issue" for you today with 4 stories that I hope pique your interest!


Finnian Anderson and his friend Ben James took Ben’s 250-class racing drone out for a spin. Before they did this, however, they used a lot of electrical tape to attach a Pi Zero and camera module. A little bit of start-up magic and they had the Pi recording video while the drone was flying! You can read more about their day and see a video here.

Persistence of Vision

Francesco Vannini has written a great tutorial which shows you how to create a persistence-of-vision device using a few components like an old CD, a PC fan, a battery and a hand-crafted LED bar. You can get some great results from it like the picture below. Read more on the Garage Tech blog.

Mini laptop

Ben Heck has done a great video tutorial/walk-through of his latest build. This time, he takes a Raspberry Pi Zero and laser-cuts a case for it to create a reallysmall mini-laptop. Watch the video above


Adafruit has published a tutorial on creating a time-lapse camera using a Pi Zero, a camera module, a bit of power circuitry, a micro button and a 3D-printed case. Lovely project if you’ve got the 3D printing capability. Take a look at the guide here and view their video below.

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