Raspberry Pi Roundup - 1st September 2016

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 1st September 2016


Over at Hackaday.io, Ebin Philip has written an account of his ophthalmoscope (eye retina scanner) powered by a Raspberry Pi and a camera module. The device, which costs about $400 all-in, has been designed to scan the target eye for Diabetic Retinopathy which is a complication of diabetes causing damage to the retina, eventually leading to blindness. Normally, scanners cost in the region of $10-25k so this is an incredible achievement. You can read a lot more about the device, and some of the science behind it, here.


Over at OtherMod.com, the blog owner has been tearing down and rebuilding a Sony PSP and retrofitting it with a Raspberry Pi Zero. I love projects like this: taking broken technology and using some Pi magic to make it usable again. By the end, only the casing and the controls from the original unit will be used and inside will be stuffed the Zero and a lot of small bits and pieces. You can follow along with their efforts here.


Hong Kong-based modulogeek has taken his toddler’s toy glockenspiel and created an servo-motor based control for it. He has then fused this with a monome interface device which is controlled by the Raspberry Pi running the Python sequencer code. Together, he has created a lovely musical instrument that is part tech, part art piece. The code is available here and you can see it in action above.


Frustrated with an inability to find a cost-effective karaoke machine with enough useful features to make it workable, Harry Gonzalez-Rivera decided to take a cheaper karaoke machine and cram a Raspberry Pi Zero inside. He added a USB audio card and wi-fi adapter, as well as a small hub, to create connectivity and all he needed to do then was to plug the HDMI cable and microphone in. You can read more about the system over at The MagPi and you can view the code behind it here.

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