Raspberry Pi Roundup - 19th September 2016

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 19th September 2016

Watch the Skies

Brook Drumm has created a robot that will crawl along a string or fishing line above a room or area and take photographs and video. It uses some 3D printed parts and a few servos and is, of course, run from a Raspberry Pi. The camera module is used for the photography and it can even go around corners! Take a look on the Make website for more details.


James Zingel from New Zealand noticed his mother’s concern for his grandmother’s well-being. So, with a Raspberry Pi he was given, he set about constructing a monitoring device. The box, called Gran Check, has a PIR sensor set into the front which detects his gran’s movement when she feeds her dogs every morning then takes a picture and sends it to his parents. It’s a lovely project by a very caring grandson! Read more on the Raspberry Pi blog and on the Bay of Plenty Times site.

Hadoop Cluster

PK over at DQYDJ has written an excellent tutorial on creating a Raspberry Pi cluster and then installing Hadoop and some other software to do word analysis using the power of that cluster. It’s a really good example of big data analysis and how the Pi can be used to show that analysis happening. Read on here.

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