Eben Talks about the Raspberry Pi

Eben Talks about the Raspberry Pi

Our hero Eben talking about the Raspberry Pi at the 'Educating Programmers Summit'. Here's a little breakdown of the key points he discusses:

  • The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a University of Cambridge 'spin-off'.
  • They were experiencing a decline in the numbers and ability of programmers entering the University.
  • Computers for children market has been eaten by games consoles and family computers.
  • Gone was the age of the ZX Spectrum, BBC Micro, Comodor 64 and the TRS 80 and people no longer have a platform to programme on.
  • There are many reasons why the UK doesn't have enough programmers; and one of the main contributors is the fact that computers are too expensive to give to children.
  • $25 dollar target price, the cost of a text book, so you can give one to every kid.
  • Raspberry Pi needed a modern feature set to keep the 'geeks' happy.
  • Raspberry Pi uses a genuine UK designed 700Mhz ARM Broadcom chip, more graphical performance than an Xbox 1 and features full 1080p Blu-Ray quality playback.
  • Equip a classroom of students for less than £500.
  • Applicable for distribution in the developing world.

Its only 10 minutes long and worth a watch.

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