Advent calendar, GPS logger, a podcast and power circuitry in today's Raspberry Pi Roundup


Spencer Organ has published the code for a Raspberry Pi-powered touchscreen advent calendar. So, get ready for the festive season, see more details here and download the code here. You can change the photographs to your own pictures if you wish by simply replacing the files in the photos sub-folder.

GPS Logger

Here’s a good one from Instructables’ user Postron. He’s taken a Pi Zero, an Adafruit GPS module, an Adafruit LiPo power board and a LiPo then constructed a circuit with buttons and resistors on prototyping board to create a portable GPS logger. Take a look at how he did it here.

Podcast for Raspberry Pi owners

Over at Raspberry PiPod, I've recently launched an audio/video podcast. Episode 2 features more news from the world of Raspberry Pi, some new/updated products, crowdfunding campaigns, upcoming events and several Pi projects. The audio version is available here and you can watch the video version below:

Power circuit

Powering a Raspberry Pi from a LiPo battery isn’t a piece of cake. Fortunately, a couple of expert hackers have done the work for you by writing up the methods.

Building on Daniel Bull’s work to power a Raspberry Pi from a LiPo, Rob Jones has added an analog to digital converter chip to measure voltages and LED indicator lights. This means that you can not only build the power circuitry, you also have some health check indicators to go on.

If you want to check out Rob Jones’ new tutorial, it’s over on GitHub.