A new MagPi hits the stands, an Elf hits the shelf and there's a stringed Pi-driven musical instrument in today's Raspberry Pi Roundup


This month’s MagPi (issue 53) is out with all the regular projects, news and reviews you’ve come to expect. There’s a cover disc (DVD) containing the new x86 version of Raspbian/PIXEL for you to use on your home computer (this can also be downloaded as an ISO image). The issue’s main feature is a “get into coding” guide (which is entirely appropriate for the Christmas issue as lots of new people will be getting Pis). You can find out more and download it electronically here and if you’d like a print copy (highly recommended), you can buy one from The Pi Hut or good newsagents.


Bit late for Christmas, but cool nonetheless.

The folks over at Dexter Industries have taken an elf-on-a-shelf, their PivotPi servo controller board, a servo and an ultrasonic distance sensor and built an animated elf that reacts and waves when someone approaches it. It’s very cute and you can read how they did it here.

Stringed Instrument

Instructables user TakTik02 has developed a musical instrument using the Raspberry Pi, some electric cords, a winder and some polystyrene. Together with some other small components, he’s used an MCP3008 to convert the analog signal for the Pi. Take a look here.