Raspberry Pi Roundup - 4th February 2016

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 4th February 2016

SenseHat magazine

The MagPi has expanded their ‘Essentials’ range today with a new e-book that covers the SenseHAT. The SenseHAT is, of course, the add-on board that is currently on the International Space Station. The book looks great and should be a good guide for everyone with the HAT, especially teachers with it’s practical examples of how to program with the board. You can read more about it here (and get it via an App) or download the digital PDF edition here.



Here's a customised Raspbian operating system which has been made to look as close as possible to the AMIGA 1200. You can download the OS image from the creator's site or read more here.


Here’s an interesting blog/tutorial. “Mike” takes you through several steps you can take to optimise and firm-up your solid-state file system, in our case the SD card of the Raspberry Pi. It should guard against SD card corruption as much as possible, but it may also affect performance as it uses the RAM of your Raspberry Pi more. Read the blog post here.


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