Raspberry Pi Roundup - 11th December 2015

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 11th December 2015

Pis in Space

An unmanned Cygnus cargo freighter, powered by an Atlas V rocket, took off on Sunday from Florida. On board were two Raspberry Pi Astro Pi units destined for the International Space Station. For the full story of the launch, head over to the Raspberry Pi Foundation.


David Sulpy over at Initial State has done a great tutorial in which he uses an Adafruit Ultimate GPS board to create a GPS tracker system. There is a quick set of instructions here and a more comprehensive set here. Really interesting project for those of us who like to communicate with satellites and actually use the incoming data for visualisation.


The “FiveNinjas” (James Adams and Gordon Hollingworth from Raspberry Pi, Jonathan Williamson and Paul Beech of Pimoroni, and Mo Volans) have written an excellent blog post over at the Raspberry Pi Foundation in which they describe the trials and tribulations of getting the Slice media player to market using the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. Well worth a read.

Water meter

David Schneider lives in North Carolina, but used to live in California. Both States have suffered from water shortages to a lesser or greater extent and so he decided to implement a water meter system using an Arduino (to take the readings via a magnetometer) and a Raspberry Pi (to collate the data and provide a UI to the readings). Read more here.

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