Raspberry Pi Roundup - 19th November 2015

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 19th November 2015


Canadian Ron Ostafichuk took a lot of old pieces of wood and created a full-sized version of the most terrifying creature known to man: a Dalek! Powered by a 12 volt battery, he used a Raspberry Pi to control relay controllers and DC motor controllers to manage the wheel movement. His eventual aim is to turn the whole apparatus into a remote-controlled mower! Read more on his blog.


The MagPi has published a guide to terminal commands that are especially relevant to Raspberry Pi owners.Conquer the Command Line, written by Bash expert Richard Smedley is available as a PDF download from the MagPi website.


Here’s a nice beginners’ tutorial that tells you how to install WordPress and MySQL to enable you to host a blog website on your Raspberry Pi. Read it here.

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