Raspberry Pi Roundup - 13th November 2015

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 13th November 2015

CamJam EduKit 3 - Robotics

Tim Richardson, Jamie Mann (from The Pi Hut) and myself (Michael Horne) are very proud to announce the official launch of CamJam EduKit number 3. This one is all about Robotics and provides (almost) everything you need to build your own Raspberry Pi-powered motorised buggy - just add a chassis and 4 AA batteries. The best news is that everything comes pre-soldered so there is no excuse not to get started!

The kit, is £17 from The Pi Hut + postage. We hope that many of you will get the kit and enjoy building a great little Raspberry Pi robot!


Alex Eames has now finished his series of videos about the RasPiO Duino, the great little add-on board for the Pi that gives you an ATMega chip, breakouts and a prototyping area. The last video is all about reading analog signals, such as those from a light sensor, and feeding them back to the Pi over a serial connection. So, if you want to see how this board can be used for this purpose, take a look on YouTube.

The MagPi

The newest issue of the official Raspberry Pi magazine, The MagPi, is out now. As usual, it’s stuffed with all kinds of Raspberry Pi news, reviews, articles and other things of interest. It’s available from Tesco, WHSmith and Sainsbury’s in the UK and Barnes and Noble or Microcenter in the States. As usual, it is also available for free online.


The CEO of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Philip Colligan, has announced that Code Club is going to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Raspberry Pi. I believe this is great news. Both organisations have similar aims – to get children to code – and the pooling of resources and ideas is sure to benefit both sides. Read more here. If you’ve never heard of Code Club, or want to get involved, take a look at their website here: www.codeclub.org.uk

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